A Mothers Love

For those of us lucky enough to still have our mothers we know the joys of a mother’s love. So let’s spread that love by letting all mothers know how important they are to us. Her love is boundless and so should ours. Don't forget those who may not be your mother but where like a mother to you. As time passes we lose sight on how important the mother figures in our life really are. So let’s all take a little time to reflect on those that matter to us and remind them we appreciate them. Sending plenty of love from Tulsa Finds and the Town/Smith/LeRoux families too mothers and expectant mothers. Happy Mother's Day Special Messages A Special message from Robert to Susan Town (Mom) & Grandma Betty: Even though life is hard I am so glad you are continuing the fight, I was blessed to have such a great mother.  You have been gone a long time however the lessons you taught me are still with me today, thank you for making me a better man even if I didn't understand when I w…
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